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June Newsletter

Looking good, Mesquite Grove Estates!

The architectural review committee cares for the appearance of our community, consistent with our governing documents

  • We’ve engaged the community for a revised paint pallet

  • Updated the Design Guidelines

  • Routinely review change requests

Reach out to us to borrow a paint sample book and for consulting!

Yes, there is more!

The architectural review committee (ARC) cares for the appearance of our community, in accordance with our governing documents. Our members have professional experience in color and technical aspects of paint.  Since last September, we have revised the paint pallet based upon a survey available to the entire community, updated the Design Guidelines, and to help homeowners selecting colors for exterior house paint, we developed a paint sample book to loan out, as well as providing color or other consultation upon request. The ARC reviews requests for architectural changes, such as paint or landscaping, such that our neighborhood remains as a beautiful place to live. Please see the community website for more information!  Some general questions and answers are below.

  • How do I go about requesting an approval for exterior house paint, landscaping, or any other architectural-related improvement?  An application request form is available through the property management company, and is also on our community website.  Please fill out the form, and include relevant drawings, sketches, or plans. Then, submit to the property management company; they will forward to the ARC committee.  When evaluation is complete, the ARC sends the results of the evaluation to the property management company, who in turn sends a letter to the homeowner

  • Why does the form have two choices for house paint? This is a tradition in our community, and having more choices allows flexibility for a new concept. As indicated in the Design Guidelines, homeowners can select any colors coordinating with a body color from the global palette for review and approval as their first choice, with a standard palette selection as their second choice.  For some, it makes a difference when considering rocks, stonework, or plant colors.

  • How long does it take to review my application? The committee has 30 days to review the application, with a team goal to provide feedback in less than two weeks. 

  • Why is it important to keep up the appearance of my yard? We are a community that enjoys walking, and a nice yard makes everyone’s day brighter.  It also increases the curb appeal of your property and our community, which can lead to higher property values.

  • Can I get some helpful information on choosing and taking care of my plants? I moved here from out of state, and I’m not familiar with what would work well here. There are a number of local nurseries that offer design services, and looking at neighbor’s yards is also helpful.  ARC committee members can provide some consulting, the City of Chandler has a yard tool loan out program for the occasional DIY homeowner. 

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Helping our community to be as beautiful as it can be!

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